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Arizona Museum of Natural History hosts NASA exhibition
By: Kevin Christopher
12/19/12 1:50 PM

Arizona Museum of Natural History
For Release:  Dec 19, 2012
Contact: Kathy Eastman
Curator of Education
On Friday, Dec. 21, the Arizona Museum of Natural History (AzMNH), 53 N. Macdonald in Mesa, will be opening the new NASA exhibition “Destination Station.”  The AzMNH will host this display about the International Space Station until Sunday, March 24 as part of the Arizona SciTech Festival.  Several events are planned in conjunction with “Destination Station,” including an astronaut visit on Feb. 24. Please visit for event information 

“Destination Station” is NASA’s International Space Station Program national awareness campaign that promotes research opportunities, educates communities about activities performed on the International Space Station, and communicates the real and potential impact of the station on our everyday lives.  You might be wondering:  What is the International Space Station? The International Space Station is an internationally-developed research facility located in Earth’s lower orbit. It is the largest space station ever constructed. It serves as a research laboratory where astronauts from around the world conduct experiments in human health and exploration, technology testing for enabling future exploration, research in basic life and physical sciences, and earth and space science.
Of course, if going into space isn’t exciting enough – take a step back in time to Dinosaur Hall and see a three story indoor waterfall with flash floods.  Plan your visit today and then plan to visit again.  We look forward to seeing you!  AzMNH members are admitted free, with regular museum admission for the “Destination Station” exhibit.

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