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Potted Potter the Unauthorized Harry Experience- A Parody by Dan and Jeff
By: Sarah Moran
02/5/13 6:19 AM

Contact: Sarah Moran
Phone:   480-644-6620

                                                                                                   POTTED POTTER
                                                        THE UNAUTHORIZED HARRY EXPERIENCE- A PARODY BY DAN AND JEFF
                                                                                   Mesa Arts Center February 21-24
Mesa, AZ- Once the character of Harry Potter had been brought to life by J.K. Rowling, the story was everywhere. America’s obsession with the fictional Harry Potter series is undeniable and thus the creation of a fantastic 70 minute parody was inevitable. Potted Potter, The Unauthorized Harry Experience- A Parody by Dan and Jeff comes to Mesa Arts Center from February 21 through February 24, 2013. Tickets are available through the Mesa Arts Center Box Office at or by calling 480-644-6500.
This unauthorized stage play chronicles all seven Harry Potter books from start to finish in a 70 minute parody performed by two actors at a breakneck speed. The show’s creators and performers, Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner, are coming to Arizona after successful runs in Toronto, London, and New York. With the help of an endless amount of costumes, hilarious props, and brilliant songs, Dan and Jeff have captured the attention of children, teenagers, and adults who love the Harry Potter books and who will flock to anything related to the series.
Though Daniel Clarkson and Jefferson Turner had been performing versions of “Potted Potter” for the past six years at theater festivals in the U.K. and Canada, their performances at the Little Shubert Theater in New York City marked their American debut. “Potted Potter” has held as much as ten performances a week due to its short running time and the two actors are constantly changing costumes and even play a quick game of Quidditch that involves audience participation. The show features fans’ favorite characters and even a special appearance by a fire-breathing dragon.
Mesa Arts Center and Mix 96.9 are set out to collect Harry Potter books to donate to the Phoenix Children’s Hospital.  Mix 96.9 will use on-air, online & social media to encourage listeners to donate their old Harry Potter (and other books) by dropping them off at either Mesa Arts Center or Clear Channel.  Once we have collected books, the cast of Potted Potter will make an appearance at the hospital to deliver the books to all the children. 
Editor’s Note:  Images are available for download via Mesa Arts Center’s online Media Center at (password is macmedia).

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