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Juan de Marcos and the Afro-Cuban All Stars
By: Sarah Moran
02/7/13 2:46 PM

Contact: Sarah Moran
Phone: 480-644-6620

                                                                                                    JUAN DE MARCOS
                                                                                       AND THE AFRO-CUBAN ALL STARS
What:          It will be a hot night at the Mesa Arts Center. Following in the footsteps of legendary Cuban orchestras Los Van Van and the Buena Vista Social Club, the Afro-Cuban All Stars have become one of the best-known and most successful Cuban orchestras performing today. Led by bandleader, producer, and arranger Juan de Marcos, the All Stars ensemble concept spans three generations of musicians and promotes the full range of Cuban musical styles.
Where:        Mesa Arts Center
                     Virginia G. Piper Repertory Theater                
                     One East Main Street
                     Mesa, AZ 85211
When:         Wednesday, Feb. 27, 2013 7:30 p.m.
Cost:           $42
How:           For more information, contact Mesa Art Center’s Box Office at 480-644-6500 or online at 

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