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City of Mesa's unique Green Barrel Program conserves landfill space
By: Mariano Reyes
02/28/13 9:28 AM

Solid Waste Management Department

For Release: February 28, 2013
Contact: Mariano Reyes
Marketing/Communications Specialist II
480.644.5005 Tel

With warmer weather on the way and spring vegetation soon in full bloom, Mesa residents have the opportunity to keep their green yard waste out of the landfill. The City of Mesa is the only city in the entire state of Arizona to offer a curbside barrel program for the weekly collection of green yard waste such as grass, leaves and small branches. The collected material is taken to a special processing area at the Salt River Landfill where it is converted into mulch and compost. In 2012, Mesa green barrel customers recycled 17,511 tons of yard waste.

The green barrel is available for an additional $5.51 per month and is serviced weekly by a green waste truck on the same day as the customer’s blue recycle barrel. By participating in the program, Mesa residents are able to enjoy the following benefits:
  • Free up space in their trash barrel for non-recyclable material.
  • Eliminate the need to have an extra trash barrel for green yard waste which can save them money. Additional trash barrels are $11 per month which is twice the cost of a green barrel.
  • Reduce the use of plastic bags as material placed in the green barrel does not need to be bagged and tied.
  • Help the environment by extending the life of the landfill.

Participating customers are required to keep the service a minimum of six consecutive months.

For more information or to sign up for the program, please visit or call City of Mesa Customer Service at (480) 644-2221.


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