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Mesa Fire and Medical Department recognizes community heroes
By: Kevin Christopher
05/7/13 4:13 PM

Mesa, AZ – The Valley is home to citizens who regularly become heroes in their willingness to help others.  The Mesa Fire and Medical Department and city leaders recognized these heroes during the “Good Samaritans in Action” event.
The seven residents honored went out of their way to help their neighbors during fire and medical emergencies before firefighters arrived.  A retired Mesa Fire and Medical Department firefighter performed CPR on his neighbor, two homeless shelter employees kept a fire at bay in the shelter’s kitchen, a man stopped to help strangers following a car accident, and a mother/daughter team prevented a fire from spreading in their neighbor’s apartment.
Deputy City Manager John Pombier co-presented the awards with the fire department.  Pombier says the city’s motto is seen in the heroic residents.
“Our residents are truly building a better Mesa,” Pombier said.  “They are the reason why Mesa is a great place to live and work.  I can’t thank them enough for their willingness to help their neighbors.”
Councilmember and Public Safety Chairman Dennis Kavanaugh personally thanked the residents during the ceremony.
“The Good Samaritans who were honored today are really the personification of what our city is all about,” Kavanaugh said.  “I want to thank them for their quick-thinking and selfless acts and their efforts to help make Mesa the wonderful place that it is.”
The residents posed for photos with family, friends and firefighters following the event.  Mesa Fire and Medical Department Deputy Chief Bill Hayes shook hands with all the recipients and stressed their importance to the department.
“It takes about four to five minutes for our fire trucks to arrive on scene,” Hayes said.  “They can truly make a difference during that time.”

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