City of Mesa News Article
Attempting to Identify Additional Victims of Scam
By: Karen Hubbard
06/3/13 6:35 AM

The Mesa Police Department is attempting to identify additional victims of a scam. A subject calls local business owners claiming to be with a supporting business and needs help with a family member who has been stranded. He asks for cash for either a tow company or auto mechanic shop that is waiting for payment. The suspect sets up a cash exchange and the unsuspecting business finds out after the transaction that the subject had no ties to their business. The subject seems to know the daily operations of the businesses he calls and is very professional on the phone and in person. The subject is described as a white male, late 30s to early 40s, 6' to 6'3" tall, 180 lbs., thin build, blond or red hair. Usually wears a baseball cap when meeting with the victim. If you have any information or have been a victim, please call 480-644-3303.

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