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By: Latonya Smith, PR/Marketing
06/20/13 1:55 PM

MESA, Ariz. (immediate release):  Humans have a life-long fascination with dreams, whether they are awake or sleep. Envisioning what career we will have, where we will live or what car we will drive starts at a young age and continues throughout our life. In fact, the very essence of innovation is the direct product of a healthy imagination. This summer, come inside and escape the heat to indulge your imagination, creativity and wonder through “Dream On…” premiering this Friday through September 15, 2013 at the Arizona Museum for Youth.
Throughout history, young artists and scientists have used dreams as an inspiration for their work, such as Picasso, Dali and Goya. For instance, Kekule who discovered the structure of benzene reported experiencing the following dream:
"Again the atoms were juggling before my mind's eye, sharpened by repeated sights of a similar kind, I could now distinguish larger structures of different forms and in long chains, many of them close together; everything was moving in a snake-like and twisting manner. Suddenly, what was this? One of the snakes got hold of its own tail, and the whole structure was mockingly twisting in front of my eyes. As if stuck by lightening, I awoke…”
This dream led Kekule to the realization that the structure of benzene is a closed carbon ring with an atom of carbon and hydrogen at each point of a hexagon. His discovery revolutionized the field of organic chemistry. When Kekule recounted his dream to his colleagues at a scientific convention in 1890, he concluded with the remarks, "Let us learn to dream gentlemen and, then, we may perhaps find the truth."
Like Kekule, museum visitors will experience the wonderful world of dreams through many interactive artworks and hands-on activities. Families can meet renowned Artist Laura Van Duren of California and encapsulate themselves inside her enormous “Dream Cloud” sculpture where children of all ages can venture inside and write about their own aspirations on its walls. Guests will have the opportunity to discover the science of dreams, ideas that came from dreams and the worlds created from the imaginations of several artists.
Opportunities to contemplate, create and Dream On… will be found throughout the exhibition. Kids can engage fantasy inside Dream Theater through colorful costumes and props while acting out their dreams and fairytales. The Dream Weaver interactive will encourage families to write down their dreams on strips, then weave them through an oversized community loom. Other art-making activities include: Dream catchers, Dream journals, Dream houses/castles and more!
Artistic Highlights of the Exhibition
There are 24 artworks in a variety of media, including collage, digital art, installation, painting, printmaking and photography. The artwork of 15 artists will be exhibiting: Dash Hobbeheydar, Mesa, AZ; Michele Bledsoe, Richard Bledsoe, Deborah McMillion-Nering, Marilyn Szabo and Kathy Taylor, Phoenix, AZ; Geoff Gildner and Jerry Jacobson, Tempe, Arizona; Heitor Magno, Brazil; Luka Fisher, Los Angeles, CA; Laura Van Duren, Oakland, CA; Paxton, Seaside, CA; Josh Dorman and David Salle, New York, NY; and Kristin Kwan, Lincoln, NE.
Admission is $7 per person and free for members and those under age 1. The exhibition is sponsored by: City of Mesa, Arizona Museum for Youth Friends, Inc., and the Arizona Commission on the Arts/National Endowment for the Arts. For more information, please visit us online at or call 480.644.4129.
Contact: Latonya S. Jordan-Smith
Director of Marketing & Public Relations
(480) 644-4129

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