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Solar Incentive Program Extended for City Customers
By: Kimberly Nelson
08/20/13 3:14 PM

August 20, 2013      
Energy Resources Department
Contact: Kimberly Nelson
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Mesa Extends Solar Incentive for City Customers
Mesa, AZ – Residents and business property owners in the City of Mesa’s electric service area can reap the benefits of a solar incentive program which is being offered until June 30, 2014.
The solar incentive program offered by the Mesa Energy Resources Department will provide up to a total of $100,000 in incentives to qualified City of Mesa Electric Utility customers who install a solar photovoltaic system on their property.  The program pays fifty cents per watt for up to five kilowatts (kW) or $2,500 for residential participants and up to $15,000 (30 kW) for business property owners. 
In exchange for the incentive payment, the City receives the associated renewable energy credits and environmental benefits.  The City will offer a variation of net metering where the Energy Resources Department buys back energy when the customer produces more solar energy than they consume.  The net metering program is reviewed in June on an annual basis.
“We offered a similar one-year incentive program in July 2012, and the interest was such that we felt it important to continue the program,” said Frank McRae, Director of the Energy Resources Department for the City of Mesa. “We as a Department support renewable energy sources and are happy to support our customers who are interested in solar energy.”
By installing solar panels, customers can use the sun to reduce their electric bills.  Solar systems also help protect the environment since they provide clean, renewable energy that is virtually free of carbon emissions.
For more information about the solar program, visit the City of Mesa’s website at or call the Energy Resources Department at 480-644-4444.

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