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Reminder: Trim Trees and Move Vehicles for Sweepers
By: Kimberly Nelson
08/21/13 2:49 PM

August 21, 2013         
Transportation Department
Contact: Kimberly Nelson
Office: 480-644-6553; Cell: 605-661-8350
Reminder: Trim Trees and Move Vehicles for Sweepers
Mesa, AZ – The City of Mesa’s street sweeping crew has the challenging job of keeping streets clean and free of debris that will clog gutters and storm drains, which causes flooding.  Last year the city street sweeping crew swept up 1,173 tons of debris and traveled 23,497 curb-lane miles on residential streets. But they could be picking up even more debris with a little help from residents.
Here are some tips to help make sure streets are fully swept: 

Trim trees and vegetation to at least 14 feet above the street in order to allow the sweepers to safely pass beneath.
Avoid parking on the street on days when the street sweeper is scheduled to come by. 
Use the street sweeping interactive map to determine when the sweepers will be in a particular area.  The map also shows when garbage containers will be picked up.  The map can be found on the Transportation Department’s website at
For more information, contact the Transportation Department at 480-644-2160.

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