City of Mesa News Article
Mesa powers up more solar at two City facilities
By: Kevin Christopher
01/16/14 9:09 AM

The City of Mesa has activated two solar power electric systems – a 189 kilowatt (KW) solar project at Fire Station 212/Superstition Police Station, 2430 S. Ellsworth Road, and a 294kW project at the Red Mountain Multigenerational Center, 7500 E. Adobe St.  Solar panels have been installed onto new canopy parking structures providing shaded parking for patrons and City vehicles.  These projects combined will generate more than 795,000 kilowatt hours of energy annually - enough solar energy to provide electricity use for 77 homes for one year!
SolarCity installed and will own and maintain the systems in a 20 year Solar Services Agreement with the City of Mesa.  Savings in utility costs over the 20 year period are estimated to achieve $660,000 for the two solar electric systems.
These installations will contribute to Mesa’s growing solar portfolio of clean renewable energy.  In August, the new Fiesta District Police Station powered up a 272kW system.   Additional City facilities with solar owned by Mesa include Fire Station 219, Fire Station 220 and Red Mountain Park Softball Field. 
With completion of the newest installations, Mesa will produce more than 850 kW of solar power at City facilities. Mesa City Council recently approved a 352 kW solar project for the Red Mountain Library.  Pending acceptance of Mesa’s reservation in SRP’s solar incentive program, the system should begin installation in March 2014.

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