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Grease Collection Results in Over 5,000 Pounds of Biodiesel
By: Kimberly Nelson
02/11/14 4:14 PM

February 11, 2014
Water Resources Department
Contact: Kimberly Nelson
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Grease Collection Results in Over 5,000 Pounds of Biodiesel
Mesa, AZ – What is the benefit of collecting 5,063 pounds of used, smelly grease and oil?  It can be recycled into an equal amount of biodiesel!
The City of Mesa collected 5,063 pounds – or 675 gallons – of used grease and oil over the two-month holiday collection period. Collection barrels were placed at five fire station locations throughout Mesa.  The project was a joint effort with the City of Mesa Water Resources Department, Mesa Fire and Medical Department, and REVBiodiesel of Gilbert, AZ.
REVBiodiesel uses the otherwise discarded waste oil to make a clean alternative to conventional diesel fuel.   The fats and oils chemically react with an alcohol and a catalyst to produce chemical compounds known as fatty acid methyl esters, otherwise known as biodiesel when used as fuel. Glycerin is produced as a co-product, which is also repurposed for use in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and other products.
Another benefit of biodiesel over petroleum diesel is a 78 percent reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. The carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere when biodiesel is burned is recycled by plants, which are later processed into fuel. 
On a more personal level, the benefit to Mesa residents is that collecting and recycling used grease and oil keeps it out of the city’s wastewater system.  Grease that is dumped down drains congeals and blocks pipes causing a messy and expensive sewer backup. Likewise, grease and oil that is disposed of in the street or down the public sewage system can result in raw sewage overflowing a manhole in the street or a cleanout on private property. The raw sewage eventually enters local waterways without any treatment, polluting the water.
For more information, visit or contact the City of Mesa Water Resources Industrial Pretreatment Supervisor David Gonzales at (480) 644-2484 or

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