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 Abandoned vehicles enforcement 
      On private property (Code Compliance)480-644-2061
      On public streets (Police)480-644-2211
 Absentee ballots 
      For other elections (Maricopa County)602-506-1511
      Request an Early Ballot by Mail (City Clerk)480-644-4868
   20 E. Main St., Suite 350 
 Accounts Payable480-644-2355
   20 E. Main St., Suite 350 
 ADA (American's with Disabilities Act) Questions/Complaints480-644-5033
      Falcon Field480-644-2450
         4800 Falcon Dr. 
      Phoenix-Mesa Gateway480-988-7600
         5835 S. Sossaman Rd. 
 Alarm permits480-644-2699
 Alley repair480-644-3038
   263 N. Center St. 
 Animal Control480-644-2268
 Animals lost/found (Maricopa County)602-506-7387
   2630 W. Eighth St. 
 Annexations (Planning)480-644-2180
 Appliance pick-up (Solid Waste)480-644-6789
   200 S. Center Street, Bldg. 1 
 Archives, local history and special collections480-644-3730
   64 E. First St. 
 Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT)602-712-7011
 Arizona Game and Fish (State of Arizona)480-981-9400
 Arizona Humane Society602-997-7585
 Arizona Museum of Natural History480-644-2169
   53 N. Macdonald 
 Arts (Mesa Arts Center)480-644-6500
   One East Main Street 
 Arts and Cultural480-644-6607
   One East Main Street 
 Auctions (Vehicles)602-242-7121


 Ballfield reservations (Parks and Recreation)480-644-4271
 Barbecue pit permits (Fire)480-644-2622
 Barricades (Transportation)480-644-2160
 Bees (swarms) 
      Bees in attack mode only9-1-1
      Removal of Bees 
            City Parks480-644-2262
            City Property/Buildings480-644-4321
            Private Property 
               Please refer to local business directories for Bee Removal or Pest Control 
            Water Meters480-644-2221
   20 E. Main Street, Suite 600 
 Better Business Bureau of Central/Northern Arizona602-264-1721
   4428 N. 12th Street, Phoenix 85014 
      Bike Registration (Police) 
      Information and maps480-644-2160
      Storage (Police)480-644-2334
      Surplus Sales480-644-2393
      Theft (Police)480-644-2211
 Bid information (Purchasing)480-644-2301
 Bid results (Engineering)480-644-5683
 Billing inquiries (Utilities)480-644-2221
 Block party information (Transportation-barricades)480-644-2160
 Blue Stake (underground utility location)811
      Alternate phone number602-263-1100
 Box Office - Mesa Amphitheatre480-644-2560
 Broadway Recreation Center--MASD480-835-6273
   59 E. Broadway Rd. 
 Brush/bulk item removal (Solid Waste)480-644-6789
 Building Permits480-644-4273
 Building Safety (Development and Sustainability)480-644-4273
   55 N. Center Street 
 Building security assessments (Police)480-644-2300
 Bulk-item pickup (Solid Waste)480-644-6789
      Dial-a-Ride (to schedule a ride)480-633-0101
      Valley Metro 
            Transit information602-253-5000
 Business license (Tax and Licensing)480-644-2316
   55 N. Center St. 


 Cable Television 
      Unresolved Cable Complaints480-644-2684
 Capital improvement projects480-644-3800
 Carpool information (Valley Metro)602-262-RIDE
 Cemetery (City of Mesa)480-644-2335
   1212 N. Center St. 
 Chamber of Commerce, Mesa480-969-1307
 Channel 11480-644-2533
 Chicago Cubs (Hohokam ticket office)480-964-4467
 Child Protective Services (Abuse Hotline)1-888-767-2445
 Child safety seats480-644-2200
      Safety inspections 480-644-5437
 Child support (Maricopa County)602-506-3762
 City Attorney480-644-2343
   20 E. Main St., Suite 850 
 City Auditor480-644-3767
   20 E. Main St., Suite 820 
 City Clerk480-644-2099
   20 E. Main St., Suite 150 
 City Code Book480-644-2099
 City Council480-644-3000
   20 E. Main St., Suite 750 
 City Managers Office480-644-3333
   20 E. Main St., Suite 750 
 City Prosecutor480-644-2210
   250 E. 1st Ave. 
 City surplus sales480-644-2663
      City Attorney (claims)480-644-3330
 Clean Sweep/Green Sweep Program (Solid Waste)480-644-4791
 Cockroaches, sewer only (Hotline)480-644-3550
 Code Compliance480-644-4273
   55 N. Center Street 
   161 E. Sixth Pl. 
 Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) 
 Community Information and Referral602-263-8856
 Connector Program (Fire)480-644-5465
 Construction permits (Building Safety)480-644-4273
 Convention and Visitors Bureau (Mesa)480-827-4700
 Convention Center480-644-2178
   263 N. Center St. 
      Box Office480-644-2560
 Council Minutes480-644-2099
      Bankruptcy (Federal)602-640-5800
      Divorce (Maricopa County)602-506-2020
      East Mesa Justice (Maricopa County)480-985-0188
         4811 E. Julep St. 
      Mesa City Court480-644-2255
         250 E. 1st Ave. 
      North Mesa Justice (Maricopa County)480-926-9731
         1837 S. Mesa Dr. 
      Probate (Maricopa County)602-506-3668
      South Mesa Justice (Maricopa County)480-926-3051
         1837 S. Mesa Dr. 
      Superior (Maricopa County) 
      West Mesa Justice (Maricopa County)480-964-2958
         2050 W. University Dr. 
 CPR and First Aid overview non-certification class480-644-4928
 Crime Stop (Police)480-644-2211
 Crosswalk requests480-644-2160
 Customer Service (General/Toll-free)866-406-9659
   for out of state customers only 
 Customer Service (Utilities)480-644-2221
   55 N. Center St., 6935 E. Decatur St. 
      Credit Services480-644-2241
      Customer Phone Center480-644-2221


 Dead animal pickup480-644-2268
 Defensive driving class (City Court)480-644-2255
 Delinquent accounts (Mesa Utilities)480-644-2241
 Disabilities Helpline - 24-hour602-263-8856
 Diversity Office480-644-5033
   20 E. Main St., Suite 250 
 Divorces (Maricopa County Court)602-506-2020
 Dobson Ranch Branch Library480-644-3444
   2425 S. Dobson Rd. 
      Reference, meeting room booking480-644-3441
 Dobson Ranch Golf Course Pro Shop480-644-2291
   2155 S. Dobson Rd. 
 Dog license (Maricopa County)602-506-7387
 Domestic violence 
      Arizona Coalition Against Domestic Violence602-279-2900
      National Domestic Violence Hotline1-800-799-7233
 Downtown Mesa Association480-890-2613
   58 W. Main St. 
 Drivers license (State of Arizona)602-255-0072
 Drug and alcohol abuse 
      Coalition Against Drug Abuse 
 Dust control/complaints (Environmental Programs)480-644-3599
      Dust control/Maricopa County602-506-6616


 Early Voting 
      City of Mesa - City Clerk480-644-4868
      Maricopa County602-506-1511
 Easements (Real Estate Services)480-644-2577
 East Mesa Senior Center480-218-2221
   7550 E. Adobe 
 East Mesa Service Center480-644-4527
   6935 E. Decatur St. 
 Economic Development480-644-2398
   20 E. Main St., Suite 200 
 Elder abuse information480-644-5014
      City of Mesa480-644-4868
      Maricopa County602-506-1511
      Arizona Public Service602-371-7171
      City of Mesa480-644-2266
      Salt River Project602-236-8888
 Electric Administration (City of Mesa Energy Resources Dept.)480-644-4444
      Business Development & Marketing480-644-2652
      Electric bill inquiries (City of Mesa)480-644-2221
      Electric Engineering480-644-2264
      Electric Service - Will Serve Letters480-644-3683
      Power outage/problems/emergencies480-644-2266
      Turn on/off480-644-2221
 Emergency Shelters 
      East Valley Men's Center480-610-6722
      La Mesita (A Family Shelter)480-834-8723
      Mesa Community Action Network480-833-9200
 Employment Hotline (Personnel)480-644-2759
 Energy Business Development & Marketing (Electric and Natural Gas)480-644-2652
   20 E. Main St., Suite 500 
 Engineering and Permits Services480-644-4273
   55 N. Center St. 
 Engineering Construction Services480-644-2253
   55 N. Center Street 
 Engineering permit information (off site)480-644-4273
 Engineering Public Relations Representative480-644-3800
   55 N. Center Street 
 Environmental & Sustainability480-644-3599
   55 N. Center Street 


 Facilities Maintenance480-644-4321
   340 E. Sixth St. 
 Fair Housing (housing discrimination)480-644-5000
 Falcon Field Airport480-644-2450
   4800 Falcon Dr. 
      Airport Comment Line480-644-6647
      Recorded Directory & Voicemail480-644-2444
 Family Emergency Service Shelter480-834-8723
   (La Mesita - A Family Shelter) 
 Farmers Market (Center Street)623-848-1234
 Farmers Market (Main Street)623-848-1234
 Filming in Mesa480-644-2069
 Finance Administration480-644-2275
   13 West 1st Street 
   54 S. Center 
   Preferred Information Services 
 Fire & Life Safety Education480-644-2200
   13 W. First St. 
 Fire Administration480-644-2101
   13 W. 1st Street 
 Fire and Medical Department 
 Fire Emergency Medical Services480-644-3459
   4530 E. McKellips Road 
 Fire Emergency Services480-644-3388
 Fire Maintenance & Resource Management480-644-2126
   6935 E. Decatur St. 
 Fire Media Relations480-644-2101
 Fire Prevention480-644-2622
   20 E. Main St., Suite 650 
 Fire Special Operations and Training480-644-3360
   3260 N. 40th St. 
 Fire Station tours480-644-2200
 Fire Stations 
      201, 360 E. First St. 
      202, 830 S. Stapley Dr. 
      203, 1340 W. University Dr. 
      204, 1426 S. Extension Rd. 
      205, 730 S. Greenfield Rd. 
      206, 815 N. Lindsay Rd. 
      207, 2505 S. Dobson Rd. 
      208, 4530 E. McKellips Rd. 
      209, 7035 E. Southern Ave. 
      210, 1502 S. 24th St. 
      211, 2130 N. Horne 
      212, 2430 S. Ellsworth Rd. 
      213, 7816 E. University Dr. 
      214, 5950 E. Virginia St. 
      215, 6353 S. Downwind 
         (Sossaman/E. Velocity Way) 
      216, 7966 E. McDowell Rd. 
      217, 10434 E. Baseline Rd. 
      218, 845 N. Alma School Rd. 
 Fire Technical Services and Records480-644-3526
   20 E. Main St., Suite 650 
 Fishing, urban480-981-9400
 Fleet Support Services East480-644-4520
   6935 E. Decatur St. 
 Fleet Support Services West480-644-2391
   310 E. Sixth St. 
 Flood zone information602-506-2939
 Flooded roads (Street Maintenance)480-644-3038
 Food Stamp Hotline (Dept. of Economic Security)800-352-8401
 Freeway information (ADOT)602-712-7011


 Garbage pickup (Solid Waste) 
      Residential & Recycling480-644-2221
 Gas Administration (City of Mesa Energy Resources Dept.)480-644-4444
      Business Development & Marketing480-644-2652
      Gas bill inquiries (City of Mesa)480-644-2221
      Gas Engineering480-644-2509
      Gas leaks/odors/emergencies480-644-4277
      Gas rebates (Natural Gas Business Development & Marketing)480-644-3683
      Natural Gas Service - Will Serve Letters480-644-3683
      Turn on/off480-644-2221
 Gas/Electric Business Development & Marketing480-644-2652
 GED classes (Mesa Public Schools)480-472-0519
 Gene Autry Tennis Center480-654-3787
   4125 E. McKellips Rd. 
 Gene Lewis Boxing Club480-834-1216
 General Plan (Planning)480-644-4933
 Geographical Information Systems (GIS) 
 Golf courses 
      Dobson Ranch Pro Shop480-644-2291
         2155 S. Dobson Rd. 
      Riverview Pro Shop480-644-3515
         2202 W. Eighth St. 
 Graffiti removal (Street Maintenance)480-644-3083


 Hazardous waste dumping480-644-3599
   (Environmental Programs) 
 Historic Preservation Office480-644-2385
   55 N. Center Street 
 Hohokam Stadium480-644-4451
   1235 N. Center St. 
 Homeless Services 
      East Valley Men's Center480-610-6722
      La Mesita - A Family Shelter480-834-8723
      Mesa Community Action Network480-833-9200
 Homeowners Association Issues (The Leadership Centre)480-732-7174
 House moving permit480-644-4273
 Household Hazardous Waste collection480-644-2221
 Housing for Mesa480-649-1335
 Housing Rehab480-644-3208
   20 E. Main Street, Ste. 250 
 Housing Revitalization480-644-3536
   20 E. Main Street, Ste. 250 
 Human Resources (Personnel)480-644-2365
 Human Services480-644-2968


 i.d.e.a. Museum480-644-2468
   150 W. Pepper Place 
 Illegal dumping 
      Reporting to Environmental Programs480-644-3599
      Reporting to Police480-644-2211
      Sanitary sewer/Water Quality480-644-2262
      Solid Waste480-644-2221
 Industrial Pretreatment480-644-2484
 Information (City of Mesa)480-644-2011
 Information Technology (computer systems/information technology)480-644-2362
   200 S. Center St. 
 Inspection information (Building Safety)480-644-4273
 Inspection requests (Building Safety)480-644-2428
 Insurance (City of Mesa Employee Benefits)480-644-2299
      For downtown (Utilities)480-644-2134
         640 N. Mesa Dr. 
      Roosevelt Water Conservation District480-988-9586
      Salt River Project602-236-3333


 Jefferson Gymnasium/Recreation Center480-644-4579
   360 S. Jefferson Ave. 
 Job Service (DES)480-962-7678
      Mesa Youth Placement Services480-472-0570




 La Mesita - A Family Shelter480-834-8723
 Landfill (Salt River)480-941-3427
 Landlord/Tenant Issues 
      Slumlord Hotline (County Attorney's Office)602-372-7586
 Legal Assistance Referral and Information602-257-4434
      Dobson Ranch Branch 
         2425 S. Dobson Rd. 
            Reference, meeting room booking480-644-3100
      Main Library 
         64 E. First St. 
            Archives, local history and special collections480-644-3730
            Homebound Services480-644-4638
            Interlibrary Loan480-644-2732
            Reference, meeting room booking480-644-3100
            Talking Book Program480-644-4638
            Volunteer Information480-644-4638
      Red Mountain Branch 
         635 N. Power Rd. 
            Reference, meeting room booking480-644-3100
 Liquor licenses480-644-2316


 Mail, Print and Graphics Services480-644-2360
   316 E. Sixth St. 
   20 E. Main Street 
 Maricopa County Air Quality Department602-506-6010
 Maricopa County Assessor's Office602-506-3406
 Maricopa County Attorney 602-506-3411
 Maricopa County Courts 
      East Mesa Justice480-985-0188
         4811 E. Julep St. 
      North Mesa Justice480-926-9731
         1837 S. Mesa Dr. 
      South Mesa Justice480-926-3051
         1837 S. Mesa Dr. 
      West Mesa Justice480-964-2958
         2050 W. University Dr. 
 Maricopa County Department of Transportation602-506-8668
 Marriage license602-506-6307
 Materials and Supply 
      Central Division480-644-2393
         316 E. Sixth St. 
      East Division480-644-4510
         7041 E. Adobe St. 
 Mayors Office480-644-2388
   20 E. Main St., Suite 750 
 Media inquiries (Public Information and Communications)480-644-2069
 Mediation ("Solve It" Community Mediation Services)480-503-6769
 Meeting room rentals 
      Convention Center480-644-2178
      Red Mountain Multigenerational Center480-644-4803
 Mesa Amphitheatre480-644-2178
   263 N. Center St. 
      Box Office480-644-2560
 Mesa Arts Center480-644-6500
 Mesa Chamber of Commerce480-969-1307
 Mesa Channel 11480-644-2533
   20 E. Main St., Suite 300 
      Bulletin board480-644-4792
 Mesa City Government480-644-2011
 Mesa Community Action Network (Mesa CAN)480-833-9200
   635 E. Broadway Rd. 
 Mesa Community College 
      Main Campus480-461-7000
         1833 W. Southern Ave. 
      Red Mountain Campus480-654-7200
         7110 E. McKellips Rd. 
 Mesa Family Advocacy Center480-644-4075
      Elder Abuse Information 
      SAFE Senior Program 
 Mesa Housing Services480-644-3535
 Mesa Municipal Court480-644-2255
   250 E. 1st Ave. 
 Mesa Public Schools480-472-0000
 Mesa Senior Services 
      247 N. Macdonald480-962-5612
      7550 E. Adobe St.480-218-2221
 Mesa Symphony Orchestra (Symphony of the Southwest)480-827-2143
 Mesa Youth Placement480-472-0570
 Mosquito complaints602-506-0700
 Motor Vehicles (State of Arizona)602-255-0072
 Municipal Security480-644-5089
   340 E. 6th Street 
 Museum For Youth 
      Recorded information480-644-2467


 Narcotics Hotline480-644-4264
 Neighborhood Clean Sweep Program480-644-4791
 Neighborhood Outreach480-644-5700
   20 E. Main St., Suite 250 
      Register your neighborhood480-644-5700
 Neighborhood Services480-644-2387
   20 E. Main St., Suite 250 
 Neighborhood Watch (Police)480-644-2300
 No Burn days602-506-6010
   Maricopa County Air Quality Department 
 Noise complaints 
      Falcon Field Airport480-644-6647
      Mesa Police480-644-2211
      Phoenix - Mesa Gateway Airport480-929-7902
 Nuisance, zoning, and sign enforcement (Code Compliance)480-644-2061
   55 N. Center Street 


 Oakwood Creative Care 
 Off-site permits (Building Safety)480-644-4273
 Office of Economic Development480-644-2398
   20 E. Main St., Suite 200 
 Office of Management and Budget480-644-5799
   20 E. Main St., Suite 450 
 On-site building inspections480-644-2428
 OpenLine community newsletter480-644-2069
 Orders of Protection (Mesa City Court)480-644-2255
 Ordinances (City Clerk)480-644-2099


 Paint booth permits480-644-2312
 Parade permits (Tax and Licensing - special events)480-644-2316
 Park ramada reservations480-644-4271
 Park rangers480-644-3936
 Parks and Recreation 
         200 S. Center St. 
      Barbecue pit (Fire Prevention)480-644-2622
      Building (Mesa)480-644-4273
      House moving (Building Safety)480-644-4273
      Offsite (Development Services)480-644-4273
      Paint booth480-644-2312
      Parade (Tax and Licensing - special events)480-644-2316
      Use (Planning & Zoning)480-644-2385
   20 E. Main, Ste. 130 
      Job hotline480-644-2759
 Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport480-988-7600
    5835 S. Sossaman Rd. 
   55 N. Center St. 
 Plans (for purchase)480-644-4273
   55 N. Center St. 
      Building security assessments480-644-2300
      Central Patrol District480-644-2229
         120 N. Robson 
      Child safety seat inspections480-644-5437
      Crime Prevention through Environmental Design480-644-2300
      Crime Stop480-644-2211
      Dobson Ranch Patrol District480-644-2614
         2505 S. Dobson Rd. 
         130 N. Robson 
      Neighborhood Watch480-644-2300
      Public Information480-644-3147
      Red Mountain Patrol District480-644-2598
         4333 E. University 
      Silent Witness480-948-6377
      Superstition Patrol District480-644-4371
         2430 S. Ellsworth Rd. 
      Trespass Enforcement Program480-644-5008
      TriStar Program480-644-2300
      Volunteer opportunities480-644-2073
 Police Media Relations480-644-3147
 Pool Regulations 
      Draining / Filling480-644-2061
      Fence Regulations480-644-4273
      Fence Violations480-644-2061
      Stagnant or unmaintained pools480-644-2061
 Pools (City of Mesa public pools) 
      Administrative office480-644-2351
      Brimhall Aquatics Complex480-644-5087
         4949 E. Southern Ave. 
      Carson Junior High pool480-644-2374
         525 N. Westwood 
      Fremont Junior High pool480-644-2369
         1001 N. Power Rd. 
      Kino Junior High pool480-644-2376
         848 N. Horne 
      Rhodes Junior High pool480-644-2550
         1860 S. Longmore 
      Shepherd Aquatics Complex480-644-3037
         1407 N. Alta Mesa Dr. 
      Skyline Aquatic Center480-644-6040
         845 S. Crismon 
      Stapley Aquatics Complex480-644-4977
          3250 E. Hermosa Vista Dr. 
      Taylor Junior High pool480-644-3036
         705 S. 32nd St. 
 Population data (for Mesa)480-644-2385
 Property maintenance480-644-2061
 Public Safety Training Facility 
   3260 N. 40th St. 
 Public Transportation (Valley Metro) 
      Transit information602-253-5000
   20 E. Main St., Suite 400 




 Railroad (Union Pacific)602-322-2530
 Ramada reservations (Parks and Recreation)480-644-4271
 Rangers (City park)480-644-2942
      Evenings and weekends480-644-2262
 Real Estate Services480-644-2577
   20 E. Main St., Suite 500 
 Reception site rentals (Convention Center)480-644-2178
 Recycling (Solid Waste)480-644-2221
 Red Mountain Branch Library480-644-3182
   635 N. Power Rd. 
 Red Mountain Multigenerational Center480-644-4800
   7550 E. Adobe St. 
 Registration of neighborhoods480-644-5700
 Rental Assistance (Section 8)480-644-3536
 Right-of-way (Real Estate Services)480-644-2577
 Riverview Golf Course (Pro Shop)480-644-3515
   2202 W. Eighth St. 
 Roaches, sewer (Hotline)480-644-3550
 Road construction (City of Mesa)480-644-3800
 Roof Rats 
 Roosevelt Water Conservation District (RWCD)480-988-9581


 Safe Senior Program480-644-5014
 Sales tax license 
      City of Mesa480-644-2316
      State of Arizona602-542-4576
 Schools (Mesa Public Schools)480-472-0000
 Senior centers 
         247 N. Macdonald 
      East Mesa480-218-2221
         7550 E. Adobe St. 
 Senior Help Line - 24-hour (Area Agency on Aging)602-264-4357
 Senior safety for the home (P.R.A.I.S.E.)480-644-3882
 Septic tanks, existing (County)602-506-6676
 Sewer tap information480-644-2221
      After hours, weekends, holidays480-644-2262
      Industrial pretreatment480-644-2484
      Retrieval from480-644-4757
      Roaches Hotline480-644-3550
 Signals (traffic) 
      Outages after hours/holidays480-644-2262
      Inspections and violations (Code Compliance)480-644-2061
      Permits (Building Safety)480-644-4273
      Traffic signs480-644-2160
 Silent Witness480-948-6377
 Sirrine House (Oct.-March)480-644-2760
 Slumlord Hotline602-372-7586
 Smoking Ordinance (Smoke-Free AZ Hotline)1-877-297-8677
 Social Security Administration (Federal)1-800-772-1213
   1801 S. Extension Rd. 
 Solid Waste 
      Residential & Recycling480-644-2221
 Speed humps480-644-2160
 Sports field reservations480-644-4271
 Storm sewer pollution480-644-3599
 Storm sewers (Street Maintenance)480-644-3038
 Street Maintenance480-644-3038
   320 E. Sixth St. 
      Cleaning and accident debris, grading480-644-3038
      Landscaping on streets480-644-3038
      Sidewalk buckling480-644-3038
      Street sign missing or damaged480-644-3038
      Street sweeping480-644-3038
 Superior Court (Maricopa County) 
 Swimming pools (reservations)480-644-4271


 Tax and Licensing480-644-2316
   55 N. Center St. 
      City of Mesa sales480-644-2316
      State of Arizona sales602-542-4576
      Tax Billing / Delinguent Accounts480-644-3816
      Amphitheatre/Convention Center480-644-2560
      Chicago Cubs480-964-4467
      Mesa Arts Center480-644-6500
   300 E. Sixth St. 
      Bus Service 
            Valley Metro602-253-5000
      Signal outages (after hours/holidays)480-644-2262
      Signal problems/outages480-644-2160
      Streetlight outages480-644-3191
      Streetlight requests480-644-3237
      Traffic counts480-644-2160
      Traffic Engineering, markings and signs480-644-2160
      Traffic studies480-644-2160
 Trash pickup (Solid Waste) 
      Residential & Recycling480-644-2221


 Urban fishing480-981-9400
 Use permits (Planning)480-644-2385
 Utilities (Customer Service)480-644-2221
   55 N. Center St. 
      Delinquent accounts480-644-2241
      Gas leaks, odors, emergencies (24 hours)480-644-4277
      Reporting Problems 
            After hours/weekends/holidays480-644-2262
            Power outages/problems/emergencies480-644-2266
            Service of gas and water meters480-644-2221
            Turn on/off480-644-2221
            Water conservation480-644-3306
            Water, Wastewater, Electric, Gas and Refuse bills480-644-2221


 Valley Metro public transit602-253-5000
 Variance information (Planning)480-644-2385
 Victim Assistance (Police)480-644-2073
 Vital Records (State of Arizona)602-364-1300
 Voter Registration (Maricopa County)602-506-1511
      Request an Early Ballot by Mail (City of Mesa)480-644-4868


 Washington Recreation Center480-644-2319
   44 E. Fifth St. 
      After hours/weekends/holidays and Emergencies480-644-2262
      Bill inquiries480-644-2221
      Main leaks, water emergencies480-644-2262
      Northwest Water Reclamation Plant480-644-2333
         960 N. Riverview 
      Quality, taste or odor480-644-3481
      Southeast Water Reclamation Plant480-644-2905
         6308 E. Baseline Rd. 
      Turn on/turn off480-644-2221
 Water Resources Office480-644-4444
   640 N. Mesa Dr. 
 Web site (City of Mesa)480-644-5035
 Webster Recreation Center480-644-4925
   202 N. Sycamore Street 
 Weed and debris complaints480-644-2061




 Youth Programs480-644-2352


   55 N. Center St. 
 Zoning Enforcement (Code Compliance)480-644-2061
   55 N. Center Street