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Councilmember Dennis Kavanaugh honored by Mesa Community College
By: Randy Policar
04/18/13 1:26 PM

District 3 Councilmember Dennis Kavanaugh has been honored by Mesa Community College for his service on the Commission on Excellence in Education (COEIE). Kavanaugh spent the last two years as the Chair of the Commission after having previously served 11 years as a member of the COEIE.
“Mesa Community College is truly fortunate to have Mr. Dennis Kavanaugh as our Councilmember.  He not only understands the importance of postsecondary education in a fast changing society, but he has been a strong advocate and supporter for our college,” MCC President Dr. Shouan Pan said. “Since 2000, Councilmember Kavanaugh has served on the MCC Rose Garden Board of Directors and the Commission on Excellence in Education.  For the past two years he has served as the Chair of the Commission and helped re-shape the direction of the organization.”
The COEIE was formed to act as a liaison and to foster open communication between the local business community and Mesa Community College. The membership consists of a diverse group of community representatives from throughout Mesa, whose primary purpose is to assist and advise college leadership. Community and business leaders come together to assist the college in various endeavors. The mission and goals for the COEIE is to summarize its purpose and the dedication of its volunteer members who seek to better their communities through education.
“It was my distinct honor to serve Mesa Community College as the Chair of the Commission on Excellence on Education for the past two years,” Councilmember Kavanaugh said. “I am certainly humbled by this honor and I would like to thank the leadership at MCC and my colleagues on the commission for this award.”
Councilmember Kavanaugh, who joined the Commission on Excellence in Education at Mesa Community College in 2000, was previously honored in 2004 with a Distinguished Service to the Commission award.

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