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Tuition Reimbursement Allotment Change
By: hr
09/26/13 6:48 AM

Annual tuition reimbursement amounts are based on indexing tuition costs for Arizona State University (ASU) and evaluated each year in an effort to continue to offer development opportunities for employees.  The tuition cost for an employee attending ASU part-time, taking 6 credit hours per semester equates to $4,062/semester or $8,124/year (2 semesters) - not including other required student fees.  Beginning October 1, 2013, the City of Mesa will raise the tuition reimbursement allotment to $8,124 per calendar year for eligible full-time employees and $4,062 for eligible benefited part-time employees. The allotment was $7,896 - an increase of $228.

Employees who have used all of their funds prior to the October 1st increase will qualify for the additional reimbursement.  For classes eligible for the additional $228 to be reimbursed, please  process Tuition Requests as normal and send to  Due to the volume of requests, please allow up to two payrolls from the time of submission for this additional amount to appear on the employee’s paycheck. Please contact Payroll for any questions.

Tuition reimbursement continues to be subject to Department approval and budget availability.  Refer to Management Policy 335 for more information regarding the tuition reimbursement program and eligibility requirements.

The City's Tuition Reimbursement Program complies with Section 127 of the Internal Revenue service Tax Code, which allows for tax-free exemption of employer-provided educational assistance (up to $5,250 annually) for undergraduate and graduate level courses.  For additional questions or assistance, please refer to your Department Tuition Reimbursement Representative.

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