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Phoenix School of Law- Mediation Clinic
By: Michelle Alvis
06/13/13 11:25 AM

Mediation Clinic  
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The faculty and administration at the Phoenix School of Law believe that in order to create law graduates who are professionally prepared; they must be exposed to practical skills and ethical instruction in a variety of different ways: externships, workshops, classes and mentoring.  This practical experience helps develop our students to be professionally prepared upon graduation. Through the clinical experience, each student will demonstrate improved skills of learning from practice and will have developed a strong commitment to the value of lifelong learning in the practice of law.
PhoenixLaw’s Mediation Clinic has been in operation since Spring 2007.  This was the first clinic created at the law school (prior to accreditation) in large part because the clinic students (who act as mediators not advocates) would  not need to be certified under Arizona Supreme Court Rule 38 (the student practice rule).  After achieving provisional approval from the ABA, PhoenixLaw petitioned for an amendment to the Rules of the Supreme Court of Arizona which had allowed only the University of Arizona College of Law and the Arizona State University Sandra Day O’Connor College of Law to operate clinical programs.  By a temporary special interim order issued in November, 2007, pending formal amendment, the Court concluded that PhoenixLaw should be placed on an equal footing with the existing law schools.  The formal amendment of the Rule was heard and approved in Fall 2008, and PhoenixLaw was added.

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