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Mesa and ASU partner to establish Mesa Technology Accelerator
By: Kevin Christopher
05/20/13 3:22 PM

May 20, 2013
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Mesa, AZ – An Intergovernmental Agreement (IGA) has been prepared between the City of Mesa and Arizona State University (ASU) to create the Mesa Technology Accelerator on the ASU Polytechnic campus.  The mission of the accelerator is to stimulate the establishment and growth of small technology based companies and other growth oriented businesses in the east valley.
“Cities are building the new American economy. Partnering with the private sector and universities is the smart way to provide resources to developing companies,” Mayor Scott Smith said. “By fostering innovation we help to build a healthy economy.”
Creation of a business accelerator, to assist business growth and provide economic vitality, is a major step towards achieving the goal of the Mesa Gateway Strategic Development Plan, adopted by Mesa City Council, to create a regional employment center.
“Opening the Mesa Technology Accelerator in partnership with ASU Polytechnic and in proximity to the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport will make the area a hub for innovative entrepreneurship and a place where the knowledge workforce gravitates,” District 6 Councilmember Scott Somers said. “The businesses that develop here will help us meet our goal of 100,000 high-wage jobs.”
As part of the proposed agreement, Mesa will provide funding and staffing to operate the Mesa Technology Accelerator and recruit businesses to participate in the program. ASU will provide office and meeting space for accelerator businesses and facilitate partnerships between those businesses and the College of Technology and Innovation at ASU Polytechnic.
"The College of Technology and Innovation (CTI) at ASU is thrilled to partner with the City of Mesa on the launch of the Mesa Technology Accelerator. CTI at the Polytechnic campus is home to students and researchers who develop technology-based innovations to solve real world challenges. Our project-based model for higher education is unique and our community will be an asset to the Mesa Technology Accelerator,” ASU Vice Provost and Dean, College of Technology and Innovation, Dr. Mitzi Montoya said.  “Additionally, the accelerator will be an economic driver for the East Valley as it will help retain talented, entrepreneurial students at CTI who have a goal to start businesses right here in Mesa."
Mesa City Council is expected to vote on the proposed IGA at one of its meetings in June.  ASU officials are also expected to approve the agreement at a future date. 

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