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Solve-It! Community Mediation Service
By: Michelle Alvis
05/22/13 5:23 PM

Solve-It! Community Mediation Service, a popular program of The Leadership Centre, promotes awareness of productive problem-solving by providing facilitation and mediation services at the community level, in addition to educational training and outreach in conflict resolution skills. Driven by volunteerism and based upon the principles of effective communication, Solve-It! works in partnership with community organizations, municipal services, schools and the East Valley Justice Court system to promote self-determination and accountability in the conflict resolution process.

Solve-It! currently offers mediation and facilitation services for a wide range of community issues. Our volunteer pool of over 140 highly trained mediators each bring special backgrounds, talents and skills to the conflict resolution table, and are adept at working with clients to achieve full resolution to their disputes! In fact, thanks to Solve-It! volunteer mediators, we have a 98% success rate helping our clients reach mutually satisfactory, written agreements that are still being upheld in 6-month follow-up interviews!  The most common cases that Solve-It! mediates are:

  • Landlord/Tenant Issues--including security deposit disputes and rental property maintenance/responsibility
  • HOA Board Issues--including internal board relations and board/resident communication
  • Animal Issues--including problems with barking dogs, feral cats and horse properties
  • Property & Contract Issues--including workmanship, development, easement disputes and maintenance concerns
  • Interpersonal Issues--including harassment and the neighborhood "rumor mill"

Don't let the issues escalate: request mediation today! To find out more about the Solve-It! Case Development Process and our 2012-2013 Fee Structure, please visit:

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