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Mesa gives recognition to owners of Extraordinary Properties
By: Kevin Christopher
09/24/13 9:33 AM

Sept. 24, 2013
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Mesa, AZ – – The City of Mesa’s Extraordinary Properties campaign has recognized four property owners who exceed design standards in the areas where they are located.  The recipients were recognized at the Sept. 23 City Council meeting.
The property owners recognized for Extraordinary Properties are:

Commercial Property – Ruben and Maricela Alvarez, Tyler and Kristen Robinson and Steve and Kristy Beck for Backyard Taco Shop, 1524 E. University Drive.  The business was created because Mr. and Mrs. Alvarez were cooking tacos in their backyard for friends and family.  They and a group of friends decided to make a business venture out of it and were recognized for taking a deteriorating problem property and creating an attractive safe gathering place for the neighborhood.
Residential Property – David and Jessica Hawks for their home on East Nielson in the Beverly Estates neighborhood.  The Hawks purchased the home five years ago and Mr. Hawk began working on the landscaping and making other improvements to keep their home very attractive.
Residential Property – Nazario and Antonieta Mendez for their home on East Alpine Avenue in the Oak Park neighborhood.  The Mendez home is a shining example in the neighborhood and Mr. Mendez maintains his home to reflect well on his family.
Residential Property – Mark and Donna Rodocker for their home on West Kilarea Avenue in the Woodglen neighborhood.  The Rodockers receive compliments on the unique crisscross pattern of their yard and are often asked how it’s accomplished. 
The recipients of the Extraordinary Properties awards each receive a certificate and an Extraordinary Properties sign that will be displayed in their yards for three months.  The winners will be nominated for the “Mayor’s Award for Building a Better Mesa.”  Every Extraordinary Property nominee will receive a thank you letter and certificate.
Each quarter, a panel of community leaders will select the winners.  If you see an extraordinary home or business, you can submit your nominations to  

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