Welcome to the Plant Square Footage Calculator!

This handy tool will help you create your list of plants and trees for your Grass-to-Xeriscape Landscape Incentive. As a reminder, you need 50% low-water-use plant canopy coverage in your conversion area.

Enter your Required Plant Square Footage from your City of Mesa approval email.


Now create your list!

  • Search by "Plant Type" or "Plant Name"
  • Select the plants you want by clicking the checkbox under "Add to My List"
  • As you choose plants, they will be added to "My Plant List" below
  • Select quantities for each plant in "My Plant List"
  • Continue to add plants until you meet or exceed your required plant square footage (square footage is based on plant size at maturity)
  • Print/Download your plant list and start shopping at your local Mesa nursery!