City of Mesa Street Directory Report

This web application is used to view and/or print the City of Mesa Street Directory, which contains a listing of streets within the Enterprise GIS system along with their hundred block location and address range.

Report data is viewed alphabetically by clicking a letter. You may view a printer-friendly PDF version of the report by clicking the Display/Print PDF version of this page... link. Note that selecting the All Streets option and generating a PDF may take some time.

NOTE: The data displayed in this report is updated every Sunday evening.

Feedback Instructions If you have questions or concerns regarding report data or the use of this application please contact Enterprise-GIS through e-mail at

Street Directory

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DirectionNameTypeSuffixLocationAddress Range FromAddress Range To
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NOAKCIR 01100N1109N
EOAKRD 01030E1149E
EOAKST 3200N0E8739E
NOAKLAND  4300E508N599N
SOAKLAND  4300E150S219S
EOASISCIR 2900N3600E3739E
EOASISDR 400S10600E10658E
EOASISST 2900N7230E7349E
EOASISST 2900N2000E2199E