City of Mesa Street Segment Report

This web application is used to view and/or print the City of Mesa Street Segment Report, which contains a listing of streets stored within the Enterprise GIS system along with address range.

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Street Segments

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Low LeftHigh LeftLow RightHigh RightDirStreet NameTypeSufCity Name 
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3110312231113123NYUCCAST CHANDLER
3124312831253129NYUCCAST CHANDLER
216236215237NYALE MESA
238298239299NYALE MESA
352398353399NYALE MESA
450498445499NYALE MESA
500528501529NYALE MESA
600634601633NYALE MESA
636698635699NYALE MESA
700708701709NYALE MESA
710798711799NYALE MESA
800898801899NYALE MESA
1130119811311199NYALE MESA
2146215821452159NYALE MESA
2260231822612319NYALE MESA
2320232823212329NYALE MESA
2330239823312399NYALE MESA
251253250252SYALE MESA
255315254314SYALE MESA
317319316318SYALE MESA
1301130313001302SYALE MESA
1305130913041308SYALE MESA
1311139913101398SYALE MESA
1401141914001418SYALE MESA
1421144914201448SYALE MESA
1451152314501524SYALE MESA
1601169916001698SYALE MESA
1701179917001798SYALE MESA
2700279827012799NYALECIR MESA
2831285928302858SYELLOW WOOD  MESA
2861293928602938SYELLOW WOOD  MESA
3011303930103038SYELLOW WOOD  MESA
3051310930503108SYELLOW WOOD  MESA
2101210721002106SYELLOW WOOD MESA
2109212321082122SYELLOW WOOD MESA
2125213921242138SYELLOW WOOD MESA
2141215921402158SYELLOW WOOD MESA
2161221921602218SYELLOW WOOD MESA
2221223922202238SYELLOW WOOD MESA
2241224922402248SYELLOW WOOD MESA
2251230922502308SYELLOW WOOD MESA
2311233923102338SYELLOW WOOD MESA
2401242924002428SYELLOW WOOD MESA
2431244924302448SYELLOW WOOD MESA
2501252925002528SYELLOW WOOD MESA
2549259925502598SYELLOW WOOD MESA
2631264926302648SYELLOW WOOD MESA
2781279927802798SYELLOW WOOD MESA
2701274927002748SYELLOW WOODCIR MESA
504538505539NYORK MESA